Our company

UniversalFruit The company is located in Calabria, in the center of a relaxed and prosperous cultivation of citrus groves stretching for hundreds of acres.

The company was founded in early 2000 as a result of lessons learned and handed down since the 60's, respectively grandfather and father of the present owner in the processing of citrus fruits. These held the craft of using only manual operation.

Today UniversalFruit always worked in the field of Agro Food based primarily on the processing of citrus fruits and keep this background has been able to project into the new millennium by adopting latest technologies and solutions while still maintaining the operation of craft production, expanding the range of products ranging from fruit to peel salamoiate and frozen to natural juices.

The company through a qualified staff of research and development creates new products that suit the different needs of customers.

Strengthening relationships with the most prestigious companies in the industry, receiving and ensuring quality and professionalism in both the domestic and international market.

Thanks to a cutting-edge marketing and slaughter border trade is able to count among its clients some of the most prestigious brands in both domestic and international.